Volunteer Work

Looking for a holiday experience that is more than just good memories and great photos?

If so, we encourage you to combine volunteer work into your itinerary to make your journey more rewarding and meaningful.

We have benefited a lot from society and now it is time to give something back! As everywhere, there are some areas in Thailand that have been left behind in this rapidly developing country. We recognize the need to support these people and that is why we spend a lot of time and resources making this project work. Let’s be a part of something truly worthwhile that will last forever in your memories. Something money can’t buy.

We continuously search for projects that suit our carefully set criteria, including orphanage houses and temple schools that provide shelter and an education for deprived children, children’s hospitals and hill-tribe development projects. There are also environmental projects that require volunteers to help them achieve their valuable goals. These include Thailand’s coastal eco-systems protection and a gibbon sanctuary.

Some of our Volunteer Work projects:

Hill–tribe Helping Hand – 4 Weeks

You will get a few days of orientation about Thai culture and sightseeing before jumping into a true adventure by spending time in a remote village in the north of Thailand. Learn to make your skills be beneficial to the hill–tribe children in the village‚ share your experience with other NGOs and enjoy exploring the many beautiful sights in the area. Enquire

Cambodia Experience – 2 Weeks

A great opportunity to collaborate with some of the projects helping children in needs in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. You will have the opportunity to teach in a local school, take care of the smallest ones in a day care center or even help with dinner in an orphanage. After, you will continue your trip to Siem Reap to visit Angkor, UNESCO Word Heritage. Enquire

The Children’s Village Project – 2 Weeks

Share your experiences‚ thoughts and love with the children at the Children’s Village‚ a home for deprived children. With various vocational training projects‚ any skills are welcome to help the children learn and to give them the attention that they need. Enquire

Sea Sanctuary – 2 Weeks

A great opportunity to be a part of this Royal Project initiated by the King. You will not only learn about how to conserve endangered sea life but also have a good time on the pristine beach of Ao Kung Krabaen. Enquire

Meaningful Thailand Experience – 3 Weeks

Share your experiences‚ thoughts and love with the children in the village‚ a home for the poor and hill–tribe children. You will also have chance to learn about Thailand’s culture and ways of life and be part of your Thai community. Enquire